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No more you you on the Trofeo Rosso...

Use google translate my friend...

Google is my friend




Les info du 10/05/2022

hello to all, the files are validated for the pilots, it is no longer necessary to register...
Anyway, there are still places in ragazza and Duetto, so, side forklift drivers and female pilots, we are waiting for you.

This year, we left more than 90 pilots on the sidelines, some will be disappointed to have been refused, others will be delighted to have a place after quite a few years of waiting.

There is no solution to satisfy everyone...


The final validations of the pilots will be made on April 26.
Emails will be sent immediately, there will be no mail.
If you have any doubts, look in your spam or on the site by clicking on "Participants"

More and more riders register without finding a place, so this year we decided to be intransigent and we refuse non-Italian motorcycles even in second motorcycle.
It is a collegial decision which condemns the rolling of usual pilots, we apologize to them.
Well, the Ragazzas will still be able to register with their exotic motorcycles.


Hello les pilotes,
Depuis ce matin les inscriptions sont ouvertes, mais nous avons un bug, certains pilotes voient le prix s'afficher Ă  0 euro, et ce n'est pas un poisson d'avril.
Nous sommes sur le coup et nous vous renvoyons votre fiche modifiée, avec le tarif, par mail, dans la 1/2 journée.

Blablabla during our next meeting

The Troféo team met on November 6 and 7.
What came out:

We have a new vice president, Philippe Bodson, who is too well known at the Benelli club in France.
Annie transplanted for a year in the presidency, the postulants wanted a 2/3 majority, which nobody got ...
The Trofeo 2022 will take place on July 23 and 24 to take a break after the big year 2021.
There will therefore be 6 runs per series during the weekend, distributed in the morning and afternoon.
Registrations will start on March 31, 2022.

The Trofeo team.


If you be there you don't need more information.


On the rock again



On the brake again...




Paella Ay, Ay, Ay

Birthday cake...
On Friday evening, the Trofeo Rosso, unwavering in the face of no sacrifice, organizes a paella for 200 people, with a musical background animated by jazz musicians.
It is the Paddock café which will officiate at the pots.
Tickets will be on sale at the bank for the modest sum of € 8, there will be no reservation (too complicated), and you can collect your tickets on Friday morning.

Validattion are done

Yeaps, you will receved your registration those next weeks.

Ten of April

This is the date chosen to validate the riders, a citizens' committee composed by the organizing team will meet to do the job.
You will receive your validations in the following days.

We will do our best to select the riders, but we will not be able to take everyone, a hundred riders will not be able to ride and it is impossible to put more bikes on the track.

Regarding the animations, we are working on it, they are almost finalized, but, like last year, the Covid can cancel everything.
We promise, we'll keep the refreshment bar.


Two weeks..

Voila, it's been 2 weeks since the registrations are open and all the series are overflowing with pilots. It means that our event is a real success and that, unfortunately, not everyone will be able to ride.
The Italian clubs have responded overwhelmingly to our invitation, and it will be a festival of motorcycle exhibitions, each more beautiful than the next.
We are still working on the upcoming events and we will tell you more. Well, the evolution of the Covid pandemic will decide in part the organization of certain events, maybe even the existence of the event, so let's keep our fingers crossed.
On April 10, we will validate the selected pilots and establish a waiting list to compensate for withdrawals.

Be well, and be carefull to those close to you.


Google my friend.

A gremlin surely gave us the pleasure of disrupting the registration of 250 cc motorcycles, we chased him away, the owners of 250 and 350 Ducati or Aermacchi can now enter their files without further problem.

Signed: the unfortunate modifier

First point...

Wouaou, what enthusiasm, 2 days after the opening of registrations and more than 500 files have been entered ...
Well, the assignments to the different series have screwed up a bit, don't be worried, we will be working on this for the next few weeks by assigning the drivers as well as possible.
The Ragazza series is a real success this year, thank you for your trust.



On the road again... Bernard Lavillier unknow rider

Well, another week before registration opens ...
This year, we have decided to redo a driving course on Thursday July 15, just before the Troféo. We will just take 50 pilots divided into 4 level groups, who will ride on 1/2 circuit, if you do the accounts, it will be 50% of track and 50% of theory.
Our goal is to learn to ride clean and to have fun driving, if you are looking for training to get the last tenth of a second, this is not here.
Well, to register for the course, you have to make a normal registration file, it is when defining the motorcycle, that you will have to take the option "motorcycle for the course", which will register you for the course .
Then, if you want to ride the following 3 days for the Troféo, you will have to re-register as you know how to do so well.

See you soon on the track.

The trofeo ...

No women no cry. (Bob Marley, unknow driver)

So this year, there will be a complete series dedicated to them, 9 runs of 15 minutes over the 3 days of the Troféo ...
We want this series to be devoid of any spirit of performance or combativeness, simply a series where you ride on a safe track, in short, the key word is to have fun.
You won't have to justify owning an Italian motorcycle to ride, so trust us and all come ride with us.

The Trofeo office

3 weeks delay...

In three weeks, registrations for the Trofeo Rosso open.

Remember that we have reinstated the Picolo series, for the small displacement 50 and 125 cc. The pilots will drive 9 times 15 minutes from Friday to Sunday, of course, the price will be prorated. So warn your friends who are fans of small cars, the Troféo Rosso must be the only gathering with such a series.
We want this series to be a success and to be sustainable for years to come, so we are waiting for you.

The Troféo office.

tanti Auguri

New Year 2021 is there, wishing a new year full of passion, joy, and friendlyness
Happy new Year to all, heading to the 20th anniversary of the Trofeo Rosso
All the best
Vice President

The news for l'anniversaire...

The General Assembly has barely finished when I unveil the profile of our anniversary.
The Trofeo Rosso 2021 will take place from July 15 to 18, 2021.
Thursday will be devoted to a driving course for loyal riders, at great prices.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to the series, 9 sessions will be offered to amateur pilots.
The Picolo series, dedicated to 50 and 125 cc, is making its appearance again.
The Ragaza series is growing: 9 times 15 minutes.
As the last years were profitable, the trofeo offers on Friday, you can ride 3 days at the price of the weekend of last year.
And there will be other surprises ...

Annie and the whole Troféo Rosso team.

Trofeo rosso happy birthday

Good morning all,
The last few weeks of vacation are drawing to their ends, so now is the time to reflect and tell ourselves ...
Next year, the troféo will celebrate its 20th anniversary, so, as we are organizing this event to please ourselves and we have a budget allocated for this exercise, tell us in a few words what would make you happy for our 2021 event.
This is not a survey, but only to collect your wishes in terms of: runs, type of series, animations, concerts, guests, exhibitions, gigantic paella, bag race, troféo over 3 days, training course, etc. .…
Well, let's be serious, driving 6 times 20 minutes a day will be impossible ...
So let go and tell us what you would like to celebrate our 20th anniversary.
Our GA is scheduled for mid-October, we need to know your wishes mid-September to calculate and start organizing the events.
How to do it: Email and the team will analyze the requests.

See you soon.


Troféo finishing

It was a difficult year for everyone, but we managed to maintain the Troféo this year at the cost of great efforts of our volunteers.
So, thank you to all of you, pilots, accompanying persons, Guzzists, stewards, chef, Loîc du circuit, Hugues the owner of the restaurant, and the hundred or so volunteers who are always motivated.
To address the downright dangerous behavior of some pilots, we have ideas, but much less to reduce the scorching temperature of the weekend.
We will get back to you soon, because next year, our 20-year-old Troféo and a budget allocated for this purpose
So, as the Troféo was created for you, we will ask you for your ideas.
So now, brainstorm for the rest of the summer.
Bizes to all of you.



It heats up to 20 days from the trofeo.
Government regulations require us to know the people present in the paddock, this is why we sent you an email asking for a response.
So, be nice, answer, even you are not accompanied.

The administrative checks will take place when you arrive. We will give you at the entrance to the paddock an envelope with everything you need.

Confirmation of commitments

We are on May 7 and about 70 days from our relaxing weekend, here is a statement of the filling of the different series.
Except for the Ragazza category, reserved for women pilots, all are complete.
Unfortunately, as usual, we will not be able to meet all requests.
The majority of confirmation of commitments by email is made.
We will now put together the waiting lists.
Pending requests can then, and until July 12, be satisfied based on possible cancellations.
Confirmed pilots will receive an email in a few weeks with the details due to the current epidemic.
Then, they will receive the confirmation of commitments to present on the paddock.
Until then, take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

We will do that...

According to the latest news, if the Covid 19 does not come back to make a comeback, the Trofeo 2020 will take place on July 18 and 19, 2020.

As information progresses, we will be able to specify the procedure (reduction of visitors, wearing of a mask, etc.) ...

In the fortnight, we will validate the rollers, Francis told me that there are incomplete files, and some not yet sent.
So hurry up and update yourself.

Take care of yourself.

Signed the chair.

Trofeo Covida Rosso (google is my friend)

To reassure you (a little): we want and will do everything we can to make our 2020 Trofeo Rosso.
And that, even if it is necessary to go at the last minute and make a Trofeo light, without Tshirt, aperitif or other treats of our event.
We want to use rubber on the track and see our friends even 1.5 m away.
So we wait for the declarations; from our beloved president, the director of the circuit, the prefects and Professor Raoult.
As soon as the situation becomes clear, we will tell you by email, facebook, pigeons, Chappe telegraph.
Next communication here May 11 ...
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Some news on March 15 ..

As you have seen, registrations are going well, there are a few places left, but hurry.
For the validation of registrations, it is normally fixed for April 25.
This delay should allow us to see the evolution of the Covid 19 coming, but, if necessary, we will postpone the validation date.
We will do everything to have Troféo rosso done this year.

Take care of you....

Google traduc is my friend

4 days after the opening of the registrations it is 390 files which were registered on the site, I remain stunned ...
So, that doesn’t mean that there’s no more room, that nay, there’s still 25% of places left (at first sight) ...
In short, we must not hang around, our chief registrant integrates the date of receipt of the file in the event of a balance between 2 files.

Also, we will validate almost all participants on April 25, to give you time to organize your holidays.

Thank you again for the trust you have placed in us, which also obliges us to make a wonderfull 2020 trofeo.

End on month...

Registrations open on Sunday March 1 at 00:00 GMT ...
We are just starting the registration tests, but that should do it.
Remember: this year we are renewing the women's series without limitation on the nationality of the motorcycle, so ladies stress your spouses or sharpen your knuckles and register, last year we had 0 disappointed ...

And then, it's the anniversary year, 99 years of MOTO GUZZI, there will be guz motorbikes in a mess, old, modern, cafra, and then also a parade of bi in vé face on the road on the circuit, you don't have to be part of a GUZZI club to come and enjoy ...
And we like GUZ ...

New year blabla from the presidency team

It's already January 1st, and we wish you all a great and happy new year.
We will soon forget the miseries of 2019 to sharpen our meeting of the third weekend of July and yes ...
2 dates more important than the communion of the niece of the brother-in-law, or the opening of fishing in the second category.

We are waiting for you.
Make 2020 a beautiful and generous year ...

Signed the Presidency ...

I'm alone in the deep winter

There is no more driving, the motorcycle legend louge has passed, our General Assembly too.
Oh yes, about our GA, so we decided by a huge majority that you will celebrate the 99th anniversary of MOTO GUZZI.
So, sharpen the bi cylinders, we want plenty on the paddock, the Moto Guzzi club of France clubs, Guzzi friends and Scudéria Guzzi you concoct a beautiful event.
Not to mention the exhibition of conical couples who put this back this year.
And then in 2020, you want a complete Ragazza series, the girls enjoyed the first edition so ...

In the meantime, have a good and happy holiday season.

There it's finished

Another great edition thanks to all of you, thanks to the pilots for their relaxation and to the volunteers for their great availability.
Only one clavicle will have paid for these two days, we will forget the wrinkles of self-esteem and muscles.

Many thanks again to the Ducati conical couples for their incredible demonstration.

Now, holidays for everyone and meet the third weekend of October for the organizers, to make our general meeting and discuss all the novelties that are already trotting us in the head.

Small anecdote: colleagues had invited for the first time border bikers, one of them, not the youngest, lost some tears of joy at the end of the weekend, moved by the atmosphere and friendship of the Rosso Trofeo. Well, it largely pays all the volunteers for their unfailing involvement.

Here are the photo albums:

And others are coming ...

Drivers on the waiting list

Within 3 days of Trofeo Rosso, we have many
requests for information from pilots on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, the number of motorcycles on the track being limited and the number of requests for participation being very high, we can not give a favorable response to the requests of pilots on the waiting list to date.

In addition, for administrative reasons, since yesterday, we are no longer making changes to the list of participants and no commitment will take place on site.

We are satisfied with the success of the Trofeo Rosso but also sorry for not being able to answer all the requests.

Boat on me mind

Don't come too early on the track on friday, there is a manifestation on friday, and it could be "the bazard", 17 h seem to be a correct delay.


Hot summer...

Use google translation, please.
It is what I do ...


Terrible news that falls on us this weekend, Bernard Moudurier, left the top, adjust the 6 cylinders of the angels. Bernard was the old grigou of the Benelli Club, one of the creators, always faithful Trofeo Rosso, and also, an essential image of the motorcycle of the 70s and 80s
On that the Trofeo will lose some of its salt with its disappearance. All volunteers and the organization of the Trofeo will always have in a corner of their memories this endearing big graying.
Hi buddy and good stuff up there.


Burning day

Soon the opening of registrations, in fact, on March 1st.
So we are waiting for you, this year, there will be a series of more for our friends in modern motorcycle.
And, in the movement of "balance your bike" has opened a series of women, for those who want to discover the track in their sauce.
Okay, it's 3 runs this year, but if the success is there, it'll be 6 next year.
So we count on you all, so that the Trofeo is still a party ...

Sex and the circuit at the General Assembly of Trofeo Rosso.

The thinking heads of the association phosphorized during our general assembly, on the theme how to please our riders.
So, we voted ...
- A balanced budget.
- A number of reduced runs from 7 to 6 during the weekend.
- A new series of modern motorcycles (made possible by reducing the number of driving), now there will be 3 modern motorcycle series.
- A theme chosen for 2019: Ducati conic twin.
- A Ragazza series dedicated to women.
- And an increase in the price of € 5 to compensate for the constant increase in the rental price of the circuit.
All this will be in place by the opening of registrations on the first of March.

PS: Our dear treasurer was not present a calculation was hard to pass (a shame for an accountant ...).


This in the end, my only friend, the end.....

In memory of Trofeo Rossiste, it was a great year ...
Weather OK
Stage OK (even if a trainer could not come, the 80 Km / h would be for something ...)
Great exhibitions.
Volunteers exhausted.
Many breakdowns and a single crash (the poor BMW will have hit the rail at the end of a straight line on a brake failure, oops) we will give you his news as possible.
We will soon do a little communication to give you the address of the photographer and do a tcho survey to collect your opinions and wishes ...

Year we come...

Good weather on France and on Le Vigeant track, come on babys...

Last days before Trofeo Rosso

Only a few more days and it's the Trofeo Rosso.
Inflate the tires, check the pads, think mini fridge and caps, we will soon meet to celebrate the Italian bike track.
The 140 volunteers who will welcome you are already in the starting blocks.
This year, we booked the circuit dice friday for our driving course, so you can already arrive there all day Friday.
For trainees, the circuit will be open from Thursday afternoon.

One last piece of advice, to do the circuit, is to have fun, ban any notion of competition, take the time to overtake the driver in front of whom you plug, he takes pleasure at his own pace, and give us the most beautiful gifts for us the organizers, do not see the ambulance or helicopter UAS.

We are waiting for you on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of July.


Registration are open...

Hello everyone.
Registrations have begun, and this year it may be the obstacle of the fighter to navigate, computer science is, sometimes, mysterious, please excuse us.
The modern motorcycle series are already full, it will have to integrate this for the next few years. The other series fill up normally.
And the course is a real sucess, we will see with the trainers if we can add places while maintaining the quality of the training which is our primary objective.
At the beginning of April we will confirm the first registrations, at the beginning of May the registrations will be finalized.

Prepare your mounts, the month of July arrives.
So see you soon on the track.

Youhou president ...

About the 2017 edition

Here are some pics and blogs about the 2017 edition

If you want a high definition picture shot by Daniele Gomes, get in touch with her via this email address


2016 edition: The 15 years of Trofeo Rosso

23 and July 24, 2016, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our event.

The weather was fine and under the sun at Le Vigeant, nearly 400 people gathered.

Collectors from the nest of the eagle Moto Guzzi, Mandello del Lario close from Secco presented a selection of their finest machines.

As promised, the 1957 V8, emblem of our T-shirt was the appointment, but also lesser known models like the 500 Bicilindrica 1951, a 350 single of 1956 and the fabulous 250 Compressor from 1939.

It has been a treat for the eyes as for the ears!

Read Bernard Devau in Motomag

Our friend Norbz of Troquet treats us to his photos, browse the episodes

Some pictures from a British motorcycle forum

On Facebook Trofeo page you will also find the video of the V8

In 2017, already note the date: 22 and 23 July!

2015 edition of the Trofeo Rosso

On 18 and 19 July, the Trofeo Rosso was very hot at Circuit du Vigeant (86).

Jim REDMAN, six-time World Champion and 6 times TT winner has demonstrated his friendship being with us ; at 84 years, he made a demo of his driving during our TENOR and ZORGA series.

The Paddock has assembled a fine collection of exceptional motorcycles, not only Italian, because this event is not sectarian!

Photo © Mac Twin

2014 edition of Trofeo Rosso

On 19 and 20 July, the Trofeo Rosso went through the drops!

The weather promised to be wet at Circuit du Val de Vienne but incantations were right against the elements. At most we had some showers to refresh the atmosphere of this beautiful event.

This year, fair play drivers competed in a nice friendly and no accidents occurred.

Here's our photo gallery:


2013 edition of Trofeo Rosso

This is a particularly successful event which took place on 27 and 28 July.

Apart from the storm that swept away tents and marquees our paddock on the night of Friday to Saturday, everything went smoothly and we were able to ride with an extremely pleasant weather.

We thank all the drivers which fair play behavior has helped to maintain the usability and safety on the track.

The Laverda Corse team with Piero Laverda himself presented the mythical V6 and offered us a wonderful parade.

Pictures of Michel ALBERO are there :

Frico's photo album

Danièle GOMEZ's pictures

2012 edition of Trofeo Rosso

This edition took place at Circuit du Vigeant on July, the 21th & 22th.

We would like to thank all the staff at Circuit des 2 Arbres for having helped us to have a great week-end on the track.

You will find Michel ALBERO's pictures here:
Here are also Philippe CORRADI's pictures

Edition 2011: The 10th anniversary of Trofeo Rosso

Trofeo Rosso took place on 22, 23 and 24 July 2011 in Le Vigeant.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Trofeo Rosso, the 2011 edition was held over 3 days. This has allowed the pilots to enjoy a little more Circuit du Vigeant .
Improbable weather this weekend , no rain during the day or Saturday night , we did enjoy the driving sessions and festivities.

You will find here the photos on our website.
To those conducted by Daniele Gomes, it is possible to obtain a higher resolution by sending an email to RĂ©mi Gomes specifying the name the file containing the photo you want.

But there are others found here and there:

You can leave a message in the "Guestbook".

It also talks about the Trofeo Rosso 2011 in the press : The Life of the Moto Cafe Racer on August 18 and August 26 .

2010 edition of Trofeo Rosso

Trofeo Rosso was held on 17 and 18 July 2010 in Le Vigeant

This 9th Trofeo Rosso took place in a very nice weather to ride on Saturday and under a very hot sun on Sunday.

The theme of the year was the 50cc which, once will not hurt, took to the track 5 times in the weekend instead of 3 for the delight of their drivers and spectators. We admired dynamic machines exceptional collection. We could also see a replica of MV 500 3 cylinder and a Moto Guzzi Bel successfully engaged in racing classic bikes.

Photos are visible here

To those conducted by Daniele Gomes, it is possible to obtain a higher resolution by sending an email to RĂ©mi Gomes specifying the name the file containing the photo you want.

2009 edition of Trofeo Rosso

Trofeo Rosso happened on July, the 18th and 19th, on Le Vigeant track.

Although weather has disturbed a little bit the evening show, our italian bike meeting has been successful.

We've been able to see mythic racing bikes, like Moto Bel Guzzi, a Moto Guzzi 250 Airone winner in french championship, a 1947 Gilera Saturno, a MV Replica belonging to Jean-Luc Borgetto, and many more...

Year 2009 photos are here :

2008 edition of Trofeo Rosso

The Rosso Trofeo took place on July 19 and 20, on the Vigeant circuit.

He paid tribute to Didier Poncet, the former president of the TR disappeared in October 2007, we miss him ...

You'll find photos of Trofeo Rosso 2007 on those sites :

2007 edition of Trofeo Rosso

The Trofeo Rosso 2007 was held on 21 and 22 July on Circuit du Vigeant.

This year, the main theme was : «special» italian bikes, made of an handmade frame and an italian motor, like Bimota, Egli, Nicco Baker, Segoni, Ghezzi-Brian, Magni, etc...

You'll find photos of Trofeo Rosso 2007 on those sites :