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All volunteers [129]

Surname & first name
Tri croissantTri décroissant
Tri croissantTri décroissant
Motorcycle Club
Tri croissantTri décroissant
ZORGA series
Tri croissantTri décroissant
Tri croissantTri décroissant
ABITBOL Marie Track Cleaning Gilera Club de France Yes Accepted
ANGER Mathieu Dottori DCF Yes Accepted
ANGER Thierry Dottori DCF Yes Accepted
AUFFRAY Patrice Technical Control ducati club de france Yes Accepted
BAIN Eric Administrative Control ousson moto passion Yes Accepted
BALLI Anthony Quartermasters No Accepted
BALLI Christian Quartermasters No Accepted
BENOIT Christophe Photographers Ducati Club de France Yes Accepted
BERNARD Patrick Shop - Raffle No Accepted
BEUTER Luc --- Yes Cancelled
BISCHOFF Pierre-yves Pre-grid No Accepted
BODET Isabelle Pre-grid Yes Accepted
BODET Isabelle --- Yes Accepted
BODSON Philippe Technical Control Benelli club de France Yes Accepted
BONELLI Fabien Bar Cashier bimota passion No Accepted
BOUILLET Thierry --- Yes Recorded
BOUTILLIER Veronique Bar Cashier bimota passion Yes Accepted
BRIAUD Jean-philippe Bar Cashier Yes Accepted
BROT Gerard Paddock Le Troquet racing Yes Accepted
BRUGER Anthony Quartermasters No Accepted
BRUNEL Christophe Shop - Raffle Benelli Club de France Yes Accepted
BRUNEL Denis Technical Control benelli cub de france Yes Accepted
CAMBON Gérard --- Ossa club de france Yes Recorded
CHARRON Dominique Pre-grid No Accepted
CHASPIERRE Jacques Pre-grid No Accepted
CHASSAGNARD Arthur --- sans Yes Cancelled
CHASSAGNARD Arthur Shop - Raffle Yes Accepted
CHASSAGNARD Eric Paddock Le troquet Yes Accepted
CHAUD Dominique Administrative Control laverda club de france No Accepted
CHAUD Marc Photographers laverda club de france Yes Accepted
CHOLLEY Caroline Shop - Raffle Yes Accepted
CHRISTEN Dominique Bar Yes Accepted
CORNILE Michel Track Cleaning Yes Accepted
CORREY Jeanluc Shop - Raffle Yes Accepted
CORREY RETIERE Monique Shop - Raffle Yes Cancelled
CUVELIER Christine Pre-grid ASM ACO No Accepted
CYRILLE Vernillet Track Cleaning Chapter Orléans No Accepted
DE BRUYN Patrick Technical Control benelli Yes Accepted
DECLERCQ Elisa Volonteers manager No Accepted
DELAMARE Philippe Pre-grid particulier Yes Accepted
DELAUNAY Jean-philippe --- Yes Cancelled
DEVAU Annick Photographers Moto Magazine No Accepted
DEVAU Bernard Photographers Moto magazine No Accepted
EL AIEB Adel Dottori Yes Cancelled
FERNANDES Dominique Dottori laverda club de france Yes Accepted
FERNANDES Martine Administrative Control laverda club de france No Accepted
FORT Charles Quartermasters No Accepted
FORT Josette Quartermasters No Accepted
FRADET Richard --- VVM No Recorded
FRESNAIS Albert Track Cleaning Ducati Club de France Yes Accepted
FROGER Stephane Dottori DCF Yes Accepted
GALTIé Jean-christophe Setup - Dismantling ducati club de France Yes Accepted
GARINEAU Eric Track Cleaning Yes Accepted
GARINEAU Julien Shop - Raffle Yes Received OK
GAYOT Jean-louis Communication BENELLI CLUB DE FRANCE... Moudu et ses potes, quoi ! Yes Accepted
GEANT Frederic Paddock Yes Recorded
GEANT Frederic Paddock No Accepted
GENARD Geoffrey Quartermasters No Accepted
GERARD Manuel Pace Car ASM ACO Yes Accepted
GUERIN Bruno Bar ducati club de france Yes Accepted
GUIDOUM Thierry Dottori DUCATI CLUB DE FRANCE Yes Accepted
HAUSSY Jean-claude Quartermasters No Accepted
HENRY Emilie Bambino No Accepted
HENRY Pierre Bambino No Accepted
HERVET Christian Pre-grid ducati club de france Yes Accepted
HIAS Pierre Photographers Photographe No Accepted
HULIN Jerome Starting Point Yes Accepted
HULIN Typhaine Starting Point No Accepted
JACOB Kevin Dottori Passion Vitesse Yes Accepted
JOUBERT Alain Technical Control moto club gilera Yes Accepted
LADOUCE Elisabeth --- No Cancelled
LADOUCE Paul --- No Cancelled
LADOUCE Quentin --- No Cancelled
LADOUCE Sophie --- No Cancelled
LATOUR Mickael Technical Control AM Brestoise No Accepted
LE BALC'H Pierre Starting Point Le troquet Yes Accepted
LEBEAU Daniel Quartermasters No Accepted
LEPIN Martine Quartermasters No Accepted
LEPIN Philippe Quartermasters No Accepted
LORSSERY Eric --- Ducati Club de France Yes Cancelled
LOUOT Clara Shop - Raffle Yes Accepted
MAGUEUR Gilbert Dottori DCF Yes Accepted
MAILLARD Gilles Pace Car No Pre-recorded
MAILLARD Gilles Pace Car No Accepted
MAILLY Bernard Bar Cashier Troquet No Accepted
MALFOIS Antoine Bar Yes Accepted
MALFOIS Marc Photographers LAVERDA Club de France Yes Accepted
MANGINOT Didier Setup - Dismantling Le troquet Yes Accepted
MANNATO Franco Technical Control BRTC Yes Accepted
MARTINEZ Matthieu --- Yes Rejected
MARVILLE Olivier Dottori ducati club de france No Recorded
MARVILLE Olivier Dottori ducati club de france No Accepted
MENANT Gerard Track Cleaning MC ROCHEPAULE No Accepted
MORIN Tony Bar Ducati Club de France Yes Accepted
MOUDURIER Bernard Technical Control No Accepted
MULLER Annick Quartermasters No Accepted
NOVAK Annie VIP Troféo rosso club No Accepted
NOVAK Bernard Bar Cashier Laverda Club de France Yes Accepted
PACHOUD Cyril --- Yes Received OK
PACHOUD Remi --- Yes Received OK
PENNECOT Régis Quartermasters No Accepted
PERRUCHAS Jocelyne Administrative Control lcf Yes Accepted
POWEL Benjamin Quartermasters No Accepted
PREDOUR Richard Shop - Raffle Moto club dur dur guilers No Accepted
PRéDOUR Stéphane Bar moto club dur dur Guilers Yes Accepted
PRéDOUR Stéphane Bar moto club dur dur No Accepted
RACZEK Jean luc Setup - Dismantling Ducati Club de France Yes Accepted
RENAUDIN Gérard Quartermasters No Accepted
RéTHORé Denis Setup - Dismantling troquet Yes Accepted
ROBERT Jean-pierre Quartermasters No Accepted
ROCHETTE Manon Bar Le Troquet No Accepted
ROCHETTE Philippe Starting Point Le Troquet Yes Accepted
ROLLY Pierrette Administrative Control Yes Accepted
SALLAUD Thierry Quartermasters No Accepted
SEMENCE Florence Quartermasters Ousson Moto Passion No Accepted
SEMENCE Francis Administrative Control DCF, MGCF, MC Nevers, Ousson Moto Passion Yes Accepted
SIAUDEAU Fabien Bambino No Accepted
SITTEAU Laurent Quartermasters No Accepted
STOLL Sylvain Starting Point le troquet Yes Accepted
SULLET Jean françois Track Cleaning Orléans Chapter France No Accepted
TARAN Igor Setup - Dismantling le troquet Yes Accepted
TILLIER Barbara Quartermasters No Accepted
TURPIN (RATON) Christine Shop - Raffle Amicale 750 Laverda No Accepted
VAN NIEUWENHOVE Guy Technical Control BCF Yes Accepted
VIDAL Christine Photographers Pas de moto club No Accepted
VIEL Magali Bar Yes Accepted

Your registration status may be :
  • Pre-recorded : Your registration is pre-recorded, you didn't click yet on the link that we sent you by email. Check your emails.
  • Recorded : Your registration is recorded. We wait for your file in our mailbox.
  • Updated : You've updated your registration, we must verify it again.
  • Received KO : We have checked your registration but some elements are missing, we will contact you to get them.
  • Received OK : We have checked your registration, it is correct and might be confirmed later.
  • Waiting-list : The series in which you might run is full. Your registration is in the waiting-list
  • Accepted : Your registration is confirmed, you can prepare your bike and see you soon in Trofeo Rosso 2018 !
  • Present : You're present at the Trofeo Rosso 2018
  • Cancelled : As you requested, your registration has been cancelled.
  • Rejected : Your registration is refused.