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Important information

Thank you to take some time to read this information

As usual, here is some information that will allow everyone to enjoy the weekend and ensure the sustainability of this type of event.

  • Briefing for pilots: Despite the difficulties to gather all the pilots at the briefing, we recall that it is mandatory and aims to present the safety features as well as good practices during the Trofeo Rosso. The presence of all the pilots is essential to ensure the best security for all of us. Pellets will be distributed during the briefing, without which it will not be possible to participate into the series.
  • Reservation location: The paddock and its direct environment are not scalable, so the first arrivals will limit their location reservation with rubalise or any other ways to the strictly necessary surface ; restricted areas for the organization must be respected.
  • Welcome: administrative and technical controls will be open from Friday from 16:00 to 20:30 and on Saturday morning from 7:30 to 10:00. Do not wait to show you. Technical inspectors are always volunteer clubs co-organizers, but they are also licensed FFM.
  • Mini-bikes: Traffic of mini bikes is not allowed on the paddock. To prevent an accident that could compromise the Trofeo Rosso, we are very strict on this particular point.
  • Minor drivers: They are welcome to Trofeo Rosso from 14 years with BSR on a 50cc or from 16 years with an A1 license and a 125cc maximum. We can derogate from these two rules if the driver has a Civil Liability insurance in his name for the bike.
  • Activities for children: In order that parents can enjoy the show on track, as usual, we will organize games for the children. However, the responsibility can not be transferred from parents to the organization. Thus, we welcome on the playground children whose parents have bothered to provide the necessary protections depending on the weather and left us their contact information. Adults wishing to help us lead this merry band are welcome. We do not want to say no to a toddler.
  • Circuit regulatory: The circuit specific regulations must be observed among other things, about the noise after hours of driving, limiting the sound level of motorcycle at 102 dB, wearing the backbone, limiting access to the pit lane, the prohibition of burns, wheelies and fuel storage in the pits.
  • Accompanying or public vehicles: They are tolerated to the extent reasonable. Please follow the instructions of the persons in charge of the paddock. Motorcycle parking is located outside of the fence behind or inside access pre-grid. Thank you to respect the provided ways (pedestrians, firefighters, motorcycle registered ...).
  • Spectators:
    • Pedestrians are prohibited on the racetrack edges.
    • Dogs must be held on leash (except in the center of the circuit on grassed areas)
  • And as usually:
    • Your series can be modified by the organization to improve the consistency machine types and the driving experiences.
    • The inclusion of a pilot in multiple series remains dependent on the available space so that a maximum of drivers can enjoy this event. Consequently, please contact us before.
    • Facilitate our organization by including only a single pilot per registration form.
    • Numbered plates affixed to the front of the bike will be provided during the administrative checks.
    • Pre-grid opens 10' before each series at the portal close the stand 32 (at the opposite of the tower).
    • The first lap is run behind the pace car, do not exeed it.
    • In case of organization bikes in the series (with fluorescent bibs), please comply with their instructions.
    • Series end with the Italian checkered flag, then return to the paddock slowly through the alley near the PC medical.
    • No refund will be made commitment in case of cancellation within 1 week prior to the Trofeo Rosso.
    • Access to the racetrack is impossible to unregistered persons (no on-site registration)


Our advocacy to get complete records, signed and completed with your total payment remains valid.
This implies the risk of no participation despite early sending file.

Thank you for your attention and have a good ride!