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6. Insurance

6.1 Organisation Civil Liability Insurance
In accordance with the legal requirements of the decrees of 10-18-1955 and 12-23-1958 and the orders of 12-01-1959 and 02-17-1969, the organiser hereby declares that an Organisation Civil Liability (OCL) insurance policy has been subscribed in order to guarantee the financial consequences or civil liability which may be the responsibility of the organiser and the participants due to physical injury or damage to property inflicted on spectators, third parties or the participants themselves, in case of accident, fire or explosion occurring during the event.

Risks Insurance for Associations is subscribed to guarantee the persons appointed for the organisation, including the quartermasters responsible for safety during the runs.

Reminder: insurance guarantees do not apply to persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The organiser is not liable or responsible for damages or theft occurring in relation to the property of participants and those accompanying participants, exhibitors, spectators and all other persons present within the racetrack grounds, for the entire duration of the event.
6.2 Participant Civil Liability Insurance
As part of the event, each motorcycle or sidecar registrant is insured through the OCL. So you need to clearly identify the serial number of your machine. This serial number will be checked when passing technical inspection, make sure it is fully apparent.

It is recalled the legal obligation: "All land motor vehicle must be insured for Civil Liability". In order to continue the process of accountability of the pilots to ensure themselves, the Organizer undertakes to transmit to its Insurer the information concerning the pilot and his machine, in particular his CL number in order to streamline the procedures in the event of a claim.

6.3 Death/Disability Insurance
The cost of basic enrolment does not include Death/Disability Insurance.
In the event of an accident, your medical costs will be borne by your mandatory health scheme and your additional health benefit scheme. Check the actual conditions of your cover for 'High-risk Sports' and if necessary, do not hesitate to take out additional 'Personal Accident' insurance suitable for this type of activity.

As an option, you can choose between the following Individual Accident insurances:

  • Basic PAI: Personal Accident Insurance with capital for accidental death: € 35,000. Capital in case of permanent total disability: 90,000 €; in case of permanent partial disability: € 90,000 with relative excess of 10%.
  • Extended PAI: same as Basic PAI plus daily allowance of 25€ after 30 days and during maximum 365 days.

We strongly suggest that you take out one of these Personal Accident Insurance. It will not be possible to modify the list sent to the insurance company once on site.

Some specialized insurers for the track

Here are some links to insurers who offer insurance including CL track risk. There is insurance for the year as insurance for the WE, moderately priced to allow you to participate safely :

This list is not exhaustive and Google is your friend :)