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Register to Trofeo Rosso 2024

Fields marked * are mandatory
We will only handle complete registrations (form filled out and signed + required documents + payment).

Please note that you can only register online, so we absolutely need a valid email address to send you the Web link in order to let you print your registration. So, be careful when typing your email address...

Fill only one registration file, choosing the right case.
  • If you want to register for the track reserved for women drivers, choose the type of registration "I wish to participate in the series reserved for women pilots (6 rounds solo RAGAZZA)"
  • You'll be able to register at the same time as a Volunteer and choose .
  • You might participate to the free INFERNO run (200 m starting arrested).
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*Personal guarantee
  • Basic PAI: Personal Accident Insurance with capital for accidental death: € 35,000. Capital in case of permanent total disability: 90,000 €; in case of permanent partial disability: € 90,000 with relative excess of 10%.
  • Extended PAI: same as Basic PAI plus daily allowance of 25€ after 30 days and during maximum 365 days.
  • No PAI option: no personal guarantee added.
Motorcycle Club
Tell us if you are member of an italian bikes club or organizer
*Contact Lastname & Firstname
Specify here the lastname and firstname of someone to contact, in case of injury
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Specify here the phone number of the person we need to contact in case of injury
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For example, if you want to be accompanied by our Dottore or as a Volunteer, if you want to be in a particular Team, you can specify it here.
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